Say Psych: Album Review: 10 000 Russos – Fuzz Club Session

10000 Russos Live

Rating: 9/10

Portugal’s finest space psych rockers 10 000 Russos are the latest to join the Fuzz Club Session alumni with the release of the 12” on 30 January 2017. The session encapsulates droning psychedelia at its most industrial and captures the raw energy of their live performances which has made a name for them all over Europe.

Recorded at Love Buzz Studios in South London straight to tape in one take, Fuzz Club reason that this series of session recordings will take ring some of the best names in psych, rock and roll and strip things down to the absolute fundamentals resulting in a powerful, unkempt product.

The first two tracks are taken from their debut self-titled LP which was released on Fuzz Club Records in 2015. ‘Karl Burns’ is chosen to open and with its stomping rhythm section and haunting vocal accompaniment, intensified by a lengthier opening and a raw sound which compliments their sound expertly. Guitar presence fades, courtesy of maestro Pedro Pestana, in and out of consciousness whilst providing a hazy, stoned out groove. ‘Baden Baden Baden’ has always been the one people dance to when performed live and this recording does a great job in capturing that relentless energy. The vocals are pushed to the back, allowing the music to really take possession, especially the motoric kraut rock drumming of João Pimenta.

Side B provides aural blessings in the form of a new track, ‘Policia Preventiva’ begins with an abrupt rewind before a throbbing metronomic bass line courtesy of André Couto takes hold. An insanely catchy guitar riff fronts the musical magick and hypnotic drone gradually pursues until we are utterly lost in the depths. ‘One Second Yugoslavia’ offers a sombre note to close, with a moody countenance, relentless drone and the finest space vibes all funnelled into one being.

It may be because 10 000 Russos produce great tracks full stop that they can pull off such a flawlessly executed live recording, or it could be that this is just great music – whichever, Fuzz Club will have a heard time finding a band who can top this session.

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