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Dead Gurus

Minneapolis based cosmic psychedelic offering Dead Gurus are the latest band to schedule a release with Wrong Way Records. Their debut album ACID BENCH is out on 17th February 2017. Purveyors of the finest dark blend of psychedelia, they are for fans of Dead Skeletons and Jesus & the Mary Chain. BSM caught up with their main man Jason Edmonds recently to find out more…


Q – Tell us a bit about yourselves

A – The Dead Gurus are currently: Jason Edmonds -guitar & vocals, Bennett Johnson – guitar, Collin Gorman Weiland- bass, Ryan Garbes- Drums. I wrote the songs. I have another band called Magic Castles. Bennett and Cole are from the band Daughters of the Sun. Ryan Garbes is from the band Wet Hair. we currently reside in Minneapolis MN


Q – Who inspires you; that can be musically or otherwise

A – We are inspired by lots of musicians and artists, from the avant-garde of Les Rallizes Dénudés to obvious shit like Loop & of course the Spacemen 3 and TJAMC and whatever else. Besides the obvious “classics” though we are most inspired by our freaks & friends living on the edge of oblivion keeping their art alive and making things happen on the fringe against all odds and despite major oppression here and everywhere.


Q – Everyone has them, so tell us what are your aspirations, is there an overall goal?

A – To provide a pure sonic church to wash away your dirty pop culture


Q – Where did the idea for the name come from?

A – It came from the concept that all the Gurus have passed on to the next life, and they’re probably judging us pretty harshly based on the state of the world


Q – Do the lyrics have a deeper meaning?

A – Of course. All words have meaning because words are Magick. So, be careful what you say out loud, but even silent words said in your head are real and are apart of the fabric of possible realities.


Q – How did you come to be working with Wrong Way Records?

A – Al Boyd contacted me and asked if he could release our record, Bless him. Very limited pressing on White vinyl with Black haze. We are very excited!


Q – Tour plans?

A – We will be announcing tour plans very, very soon. Follow us on the damnable social media pages for info.

Pre-order the album here:

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