Premiere: Broken Forest – Ghosts in the dark

Taken from Broken Forest’s forthcoming ‘Live at the old church’ EP, out on August 30th via Luise London Records, were delighted to premiere the new video for an live acoustic version of recent single ‘Ghosts in the Dark’ right here on Backseat Mafia.

Essentially the project of Luise London, Broken Forest takes their folk stylings and love of nature, and makes deeply affecting music. Luise told us exclusively of the new track and video ‘I was very happy to be invited to perform at an event at The Old Church earlier this year, which was part of national mental health week and was about exploring the role of art in mental well-being.Like probably a lot of people I listen to music to help me through difficult times, but also to provide a sound track to the fun things in life. Same for my music, it’s a safe place for me to explore issues close to my heart or thoughts that won’t leave my mind. My new single ‘Ghosts in the Dark’, which got released in May this year, was the perfect fit for the evening. I have always been a big lover of nature and it’s always been my place to reconnect, but more and more I see so many people around me being completely emerged in virtual realities and the fast pace of modern life, seeking for attention online, rather than from the people their surrounded by, more connected to their phones than themselves, which all to often shows itself in the chaos of modern romantic relationships. We seem like lost souls in our own life’s.
The Old Church in London, Stoke Newington is a beautiful place to perform your music live, an amazing setting and sound, which is why we decided, that we just had to film the set. The video was shot by Riccardo from the London Filmmakers. I love watching or listening to acoustic sets of my favourite artists. It makes me fall in love with their songs even more, no big productions – it is just about the song. So after hearing the sound at The Old Church I thought: Hey why not record the sound of the set and release it as a special live show EP. This video of Ghosts in the Dark live and acoustic is the first release from the record’.

The track is heartfelt and emotive, and has this beautiful rawness about it, that plays against the skittish violin and picked guitar lines as the voices work in harmony, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you away.

If it doesn’t get you right in the feels then you must have a heart of stone. Check it out, here

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