News: School of Language – Release 5 track EP in memory of Prince

Four years have passed since the world lost the musical powerhouse that was Prince Rogers Nelson. Regardless of the genre you love I’m pretty sure there is a track by Prince you will love and his death was felt around the world.

David Brewis of Field Music fame has released an EP in memory of the passing of Prince.

It’s four years since Prince left us. Over these past few exceedingly odd weeks, I’ve been thinking about him; picturing him alone in the studio, running a drum machine through guitar pedals, layering vocals, churning out song after song, maybe with an engineer looking through the glass but nevertheless in a bubble of isolation. I couldn’t bring myself to cover his songs. I love the complete package – the playing and the production and the imperfections – just too much to tinker with. But I thought that maybe I could keep myself on the level by writing my own Prince songs. Maybe a little batch which would have been left in the vault back in ’81 because they sounded “too Prince” and he’d already moved on. So this is my little tribute. It’s a little bit silly, I’ll admit. But I made these little lockdown songs with a great deal of love, to repay a great deal of inspiration. And I had a lot of fun doing it.”

David is has done a great job capturing Prince’s sound. ‘Call You Up’ is dripping with the Prince brand of Funk. Building tracks like using numerous instruments/sounds and some cracking guitar lead breaks like on ‘Eye Am In Control’. My Heart Is Upside Down has a wonderful stop/start feel and really is astonishing how much these songs mimic the classic Prince style.

The EP shows what a lasting legacy Prince has and Brewis has done some justice to that legacy with these tracks.

Check out It Doesn’t Matter Anyway, here.

1. Wasting Your Time
2. Call You Up
3. It Doesn’t Matter Anyway
4. Eye Am In Control
5. My Heard Is Upside Down

The EP is available here and all good DSPs.

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