EP Review: The Black Milk Project – Holes

It’s a subtle trick, but one that The Black Milk Project pull off with consumate ease. Where too many debut releases see the act in question overstretching themselves in an effort to grab attention and impress, the Holes EP opens with a calming cyclical guitar feature and from there additional layers of instrumentation are added before Delia Taffler’s lovely voice winds it’s way around lyrics about patiently waiting and a garden full of holes. “In the Garden” is beguiling stuff.

“Let Me In” finds The Black Milk Project going all shoe-gaze on us, with Taffler done with patience and is now taking a considerably more direct stance of specific requests. Even with a glistening guitar and an unhurried pace, it’s initially the one song of this trio that doesn’t stand out. It’s a grower though, and after repeated listens, I’ve gone from considering it the weak link on the EP, to considering it to be a great little tune.

My favourite song on the EP is closer “Wasting Time”. Now it may be because it sounds for all the world like band lynch pin Kris McAdam has decided to pen a gloriously funky instrumental for an episode of The Sweeney, before Taffler laces her voice over it. It’s a blend that works far better than you may expect it, and the band should be awarded points for restraint for saving the most upbeat number for last.

The kicker is that this is seemingly going to be the only release by this line up of the band, as Delia Taffler has since departed. However, with original founder McAdam still at the helm, drummer Danton Laromani becoming more involved with the writing process and keys man Jacob Matthews joining for future projects, if phase two of The Black Milk Project matches up to Holes, then great things lay ahead.

Holes EP – On sale 15 March 2016


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