SEE: Table Scraps – ‘Doom Generation’: garage-punkers surgin’ as it all falls apart

Table Scraps, photographed by Douglas Roads

YOU’VE already been directed to take a dive into Brum garage-punkers Table Scraps by no less than IDLES’ Joe Talbot, who counts himself a fan; now’s your chance to climb aboard and feast on some crumbs as the band – Scott, TJ and Poppy – shake their collectively animated ass with “Doom Generation”, the South Park-via-Digbeth animation for which you can watch below.

And how absolutely right now is not just that title, but that chilling air-raid siren which beckons you on into two minutes fifteen of low-slung fuzz?

It’s a first taster for their third album, Coffin Face, and it’s horribly prescient – dating as it does from before that era known now as Lockdown One.

The animated video, forged by then trio themselves, shows them passive and powerless and passive bystanders sinking a righteous can, while UFOs spirit away bakeries, the HS2 route is bulldozed; Covid tests, floods. Some four horsemen unleashed, with only the truth of grinding, sleazy, necessary guitars to lift us out of the mess.

Watch out as well for little cameo appearances from Birmingham garage-rock scene compadres Cherry Pickles, The Cosmics and Black Mekon.

Keep your eyes peeled on Table Scraps as they gear up for that third album, Coffin Face, following 2017’s Autonomy and 2015’s More Time For Strangers. You know it’s the right move.

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