Track: Boski – Give it Up

I don’t really feel like dancing this morning. In fact, to be perfectly fair I don’t feel like dancing most of the time, unless its been a really long night. But if anything were to get me out of my seat right now, it would be Boski’s ‘Give It Up’. The London DJ is beginning to attract more and more attention with his classic House cuts, wearing his influences – people such as Route 94, Huxley, Boddika and George Fitzgerald on his sleeve but still making music all of his very own.

The original mix of the track opens up with this super tight snare sound over this classic who use beat , but its the bass that really sparkles, bubbling away under everything else. As the track progresses and fully unveils itself, there’s these little snatches of vocal, and the bass begins to weave itself even more intrinsically into the track. Is fair to say it qualifies as a ‘banger’.

It’s released on the new Oh That’s Good Music label in February, and it also includes a brilliant acid house remix by James Edwards that bangs and bounces and buzzes and pops, and pulls you along on its trippy vibe. Whichever way you look at it though, Give It Up has enough to get you, at the very least, squirming in your seat on a wet Sunday Morning. On a Saturday night though, its enough to blow your mind.”

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