Track: Pete Murray releases anthemic burner ‘If We Never Dance Again’ and announces new EP.

Pete Murray has built an admirable reputation in Australia for his powerful balladry and anthemic pop songs. His new single ‘If We never Dance Again’ maintains the strength of his songwriting and production: a cinematic sweep with drama and emotion and an entire desert’s worth of yearning.

Murray says of the song, written in collaboration with writer and producer Morgan Dorr,

Morgan had the first line of the chorus written when I got to his place, which was, “If you never see my face again” and the three chords that played over this. We worked on the song all day and I even cancelled another session that I had booked in just so I could finish this song as it felt like this had so much potential.

The lyrics are quite beautiful:

Hope you find peace Hope you find grace Hope you find the moment in your happy place Hope you find time Hope you find me I hope you find the thing that you were meant to be

It is certainly a powerful and emotional track, made even more impactful with the gorgeously shot video. Murray notes:

Because the song is powerful and quite epic, I wanted a clip that would enhance this. I didn’t want this to be a literal video but more of an abstract one, so that when you watch it, you are more taken away by the beautiful cinematic footage while still keeping mystery at the end.

As a lovely aside – if you notice a special chemistry between Murray and the actress in the video, its because she became Murray’s wife between shots:

The track is available to download/stream here and is off Murray’s forthcoming EP ‘The Night’ due out on 5 March 2021 and out through Sony Music Australia – pre-order here.

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