TRACK: Amava – ‘Just Fine’: from Oregon to Nashville with a clutch of pure pop

AMAVA found herself not quite part of the gang after a move to Oregon early in her teenage years, for a slower pace of familial life; try as she might, she just couldn’t fit in.

Hiding behind an extrovert facade, she struggled to find true expression and turned to music – fashioning those anecdotes into song.

And now she’s in Nashville, one of the great musical meccas of the States, 24 years old; and ready to start offering her pure pop vision. Tune into the slow, yearning sway of “Just Fine”; y’know, what you always say when you’re so not.

“This song is my ode to the times where I’m wearing my brave face, and even in all the moments of fun and glitter, I feel this standstill of uncertainty and instability in my life”, Amava says.

“To me, it’s about the juxtaposition between having the time of my life and being internally squandering about how I don’t know where I’m going or how I’d rather be asleep.

“The song is a way I can process my messed up emotions into a waveform of what I’m feeling and give the chance for other people to relate to it as well.”

Amava’s “Just Fine” is available now from all digital streaming platforms; connect with Amava on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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