TRACK: Alex Jayne – ‘Clouds’: acoustic pop details the moment you notice it’s all changed

ALEX JAYNE, the London songwriter who we last heard of coolly observing the world from a late-night taxi on “Backseat”, has returned with a new single, the intelligent pure pop of “Clouds”.

She’s got such an adept eye for seeing how life is; her new single spots the clouds in the sky which, like a ticking clock, you can’t notice once you’ve become aware.

She says: ““It’s that endless sense of summer where you’re so wrapped up in your world, you don’t notice the clouds above.

“Sometimes we question things that take life in a different direction, but in time you might see them in a new light.”

The song diarises a revelation hitting home after weeks spent soul searching; the realisation that the cracks you’ve just noticed have been there all along.

Alex takes centre stage in the video – we’ve embedded it for you, below – which was directed by Laurie Barraclough. It finds her poolside, but something’s not quite right: “We wanted to create a seemingly idyllic scenario, but at the centre is a girl who feels disconnected; she’s on the outside looking in. There’s an ominous feeling to it, the sense of things not being quite what they seem”.

The song builds and builds over a simple but lovely acoustic guitar motif, towards the climax of which Alex exhorts a simple plea that might reveal a really unexpected and complex answer: “Look around”.

Of her songwriting style, she says: “My songs come from an intensely real place. There are many colours and senses that flow through the music. The truth, though, is for someone else to feel”.

We can expect Alex to capture more visions of a world of increasing complexity in song: catch up with her over on Facebook, at her website, on Instagram and Twitter.

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