EP/Track: Fragile Animals – Only Shallow

South East Queensland’s Fragile Animals have recently released their new EP, ‘Only Shallow’ and it is an absolute shimmering delight. Infused with a dream-like melancholia and an antithetical summer sheen, this band has all the genetic makeup of classic shoegaze, but has evolved this into their own unique style. There is a developing sound from Queensland – where the bright sunshine and superficial Gold Coast sparkle is being torn asunder by some brilliant alternative bands that are creating a unique sound of their own. Fragile Animals are at the head of the pack.

Single ‘Come Down is a prime example. A driving coastal summer sound, reeking of endless journeys in the endless heat with the windows open and the crystal shards of a Rickenbacker guitar soundtrack. This is glorious:

Melancholic magic. The other single off the EP, ‘Landing’ is more jangly, anthemic magic. Soaring choruses and layered harmonies over scything guitars and an emotive reach:

‘Home’, with its insistent rhythmic riffs, is powerful and enigmatic: a haunting emotive song with gorgeous, yearning vocals and a Smiths-like guitar strain rippling throughout:

“Dark” is, well, darker – more synth based and a harder edge. It is easy to run out of superlatives in a release as glorious as this. Every track is perfectly crafted and a sonic delight.

Singer/bassist Victoria Jenkins says of EP’s lyrical themes: “Even though each of the songs is a little different lyrically they each carry a feeling of chasing something that’s out of reach. A lot of the time I feel like what I want, and where I want to be, is just out of reach and that comes through a lot in my lyrics.”

This is a fantastic release from an exciting band.You can get the EP here and catch the band at the following venues:


Fragile Animals have rather extraordinarily only been together 12 months, but I can see a rewarding longevity based on this EP. They are:

Victoria Jenkins – Vocal/Bass
Kyle Shipton – Drums/B.V
Daniel Parkinson – Guitar/B.V

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