Track: Inland Murmur release the exquisite ‘Freshwater’: vibrant dream pop with a steel spine.

Feature Photograph: Viv Collis

Cardiff’s Inland Murmur drew our attention with the release of their delicate and fragile single ‘Waterline’ last month (read my review here), and the duo is back with another aquatic themed single ‘Freshwater’. This new track has the same beautiful poised air with a more vibrant and thundering spine that crashes through intermittently and with force. The vocal interplay again is gorgeously threaded through the shimmering strands of the song, a glorious anthemic and melodic flow through the veins of the corpus.

The song somehow evokes a wild and rugged coastal terrain: thunder and natural chaos leavened by rays of sunshine and breathtaking beauty. Inland Murmur have their own style that fuses dream pop clothing over a shoegaze framework:

‘Freshwater’ is available to stream here and the duo will be supporting Nadia Sheikh on tour in Cardiff.

Feature Photograph: Viv Collis

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