Track: Ben Lukas Boysen – Clarion

Ahead of the release of his forthcoming ‘Mirage’ album, out on 1st May via the brilliant Erased Tapes label, Berlin based composer and producer Ben Lukas Boysenhas released a new single, ‘Clarion’.

Of new single ‘Clarion’, Ben tells us that “this song started as a simple piano line and while listening to it on loop over and over again some of the elements started to form one after the other, and depending on each other. I was working on a different song at the same time that had the drum section as a central instrument, and felt it was not going anywhere… In one of the sessions with Robert Raths (creative producer and founder of Erased Tapes) he suggested fusing the two songs together, which resulted in this faun-like version of Clarion after a few adjustments were made. It captured the foreshadowing character of the one piece, with the drive and rush-like feeling of the other piece, and therefore creating a very interesting tension.”  

Clarion is a thing of beauty, the high stroking static string notes creating this sense of anticipation and beauty before the prepared piano

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