See: The Stroppies reveal new video for Burning Bright

“Burning Bright is about two people trying to meet in the middle and failing. It’s about shooting for something good and not quite making the mark.” Says Claudia Serfaty of The Stroppies of their latest single ‘Burning Bright’.

Having expanded from originally a DIY home recording project of Angus Lord and Claudia, into what you might call ‘a proper band’, Burning Bright is taken from their forthcoming EP Look Alive! out June 5th via Tough Love Records. According to Angus it’s “an EP forged in circumstance. A sum total of fleeting vignettes on scraps of paper, voice memos and iPhone notepads all collated between soundchecks and long stretches in a tour van pieced together over weekly jams. We didn’t want to waste much time when we got home so we opted to record it ourselves”. 

Burning Bright is a record that tumbles over in such a likable way that it’s impossible not to fall just that little bit in love with, there’s bits of folk in there with the drones and postcard records and just about everything else, most notably this slacker chorus that Claudia strolls though. If you can’t spare two and a half minutes for a little piece of perfect pop like this in your lives, then you need to have a word with yourself.

Check out the accompanying video, here

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