See: I am a Camera reveal new visuals for The Legendary Children

Apparently, according to Mancunian Francesca and Northern-Irish Londoner Ian a.k.a. I am a Camera, to steal, appropriate, connect, evolve and become legendary is what it’s all about. ‘It’s your survival instinct’ they say, ‘It’s that state of mind that gets you out of bed, fuels your ambition, drive and individuality, it’s your lightning. Our new track (incidentally, I’ve never heard anyone talk like this in real life, but I’m guessing becoming a pop star isn’t really like real life) The Legendary Children is a Hymn to everyone out there doing it for themselves.

The new track of which they speak is a nifty piece of electro-pop that wouldn’t be out of place in the clubs, on the radio or in the charts. I thought after the first few seconds I was going to hate it. It starts of like the younger, less able version of the Pet Shop Boys (Danni Minogue if you will) but somehow, and I’ve no idea how I allowed it to happen, it won me round. Try not to love it by the end at your own peril. It’s out August 25th and comes with a flurry of mixes from the likes of Ms Jodie Harsh, Severino and Hi-Fi Sean aka Up Yours, new DJs in town Mr Jones, Goldlines and BFK and Mark Moore and Roland Faber.

They’ve been busy over the last year or so, putting out tracks such as Factory Boys, and a cover of the Pet Shop Boys ‘Rent’ that we liked very much (and wrote about). They’ve also gone ahead and remixed artists as diverse as Lana Del Rey, Zebra Katz and S’Express.

The single comes with a video, resplendent in its vibrant colours and sharp angles, about which the band have commented ‘our influences were the film ‘Spring Breakers’, Dee-Lite, Pedro Almodovar and Roy Lichtenstein – all the classics.

It’s easy to see steal, appropriate, connect and evolve bit that the band spoke about. That just leaves the become legendary bit, and if I am a Camera keep writing tunes like The Legendary Children, they might just make it.

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