Discover: Lola Colt and their debut single I get high if you get high

One of the endearing memories I have of my Grandmother was that she liked Cowboys and Indians. It seemed sort of bizarre that this old lady, who had spent her life as a farmers wife before moving to an unremarkable estate just outside Leicester (obvious wild west joke avoided here) well into her 80’s would choose as her primary form of enjoyment watching tales of gunslinging, and rodeo romances and the sort. And reading (large-print) Cowboy tales, of great trails and the inevitable ensuing romances in epic journeys west.

 Turns out my Grandmother wasn’t the only one with a love of Westerns (well, all cinema but don’t let that detract from a decent story) with two members of new band Lola Colt, Matt and Gun meeting over the medium, and a fairly well matched record collection (my grandmother only had those old records of steam train sounds – she probably wouldn’t have ended up joining Lola Colt on this principle), before deciding upon an ambition to make soundtrack sorts of sounds, and naming themselves after (you guessed it, right?) a Spaghetti Western.

The band, a dark imposing six piece of three girls and three boys, are fronted by enigmatic Danish frontwoman Gun, who I’m still trying to resist using the phrase Gun for Hire about. I get high if you get high is their first single, and its out today on the Too Pure label, home to various on-offs such as Hookworms, Band of Wolves, Black Moth and Seasfire.

The track starts off with this captivating Velvet Underground sound as if it were lying looking up at the sun on some barren desert, before it evolves into this wall of sound, all most show(new)-gaze, Gun’s voice almost threatening against the jagged accompaniments. These splashes of guitar and Roy Budd alike soundtrack influences build the track up to this (and I mean this in a good way) cacophony of sound. It’s unexpected and rather fantastic actually.

Rather like my Grandmother was.

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