Track: Pom Poko – ‘My Candidacy’

photo credit: Jenny Berger Myhre

THE ART-PUNK outfit Pom Poko, who returned earlier this year following their 2019 debu, have released a second single from their upcoming album in the shape of “My Candidacy”. The track features the stuttering, untamed shards of noise from guitarist Martin Tonne, and an equally hectic but hypnotic, diverse rhythmic display from drummer Ola Djupvik. This thrashing instrumentation snakes between the vocal melody with an unpredictable ardour, making the track resonate with an almost absurd freshness for an already crazily innovative band.

The swiftly-rising Norwegian band describe My Candidacy as being about the wish to be able to believe in unconditional love, even though you know that there probably is no such thing. We, at least, believe in unconditional love for riffy tunes with sing-song choruses.” 

The synchronicity pulsing throughout the track, as Tonne’s guitar sound shapeshifts into even jazzier realms; and takes on supremely jazzy, bright, chiming effects, welding amongst Ragnhild’s serene, incredibly fluid vocals. This staggeringly thrilling take from second album Cheater, one which took them only three hours to complete, charts the group’s stylistic move from their earlier material as much as first single Andrew. Listen here.

Although the release of the second Pom Poko LP Cheater, originally to be released November 6th, has been delayed to January 15th of next year, they vow to treat fans to more music between then. Pre-order Cheater here.

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