Live Review: The Delta Bombers – Westgarth Club, Middlesbrough 7.6.2019

Hailing from the bright lights of Las Vegas, the Delta Bombers consist of Chris Moinichen (Guitar, Lead Vocal), Andrew Himmler (Guitar), Gregorio Garcia (Double Bass & Standard Bass) and Micah Malcolm on Drums. Playing live in every corner of the U.S.A and around the world has given them a huge depth of sound and passion for live audiences.

With there 50’s Rock n Roll soaked infusion of Swampy Blues, Rockabilly and Country, and 4 Studio albums to back them up, the night was all set.

Hitting the stage to a packed sell out Westgarth Club, it was immediately obvious that this was set to be a special night.

Opening the set with a 50’s Rock n Roll vibe “This is The Night” takes you straight back in time to the early days of the Likes of Elvis and Chuck Berry to name a few, full of rhythmic Guitar and twangy Bass. With an energy and love for the music they play, the audience are in no doubt they are witnessing something truly full of soul.

Moving through songs like a steam train the Bombers drop their cargo of Roots music all over the stage and into the crowd, with explosive effect.  “Shoveling Coal”  with its definite nod to Johnny Cash steams along, a simply sublime example of the huge depth of sound they hold. 4 songs on from this and a very sweaty band and crowd are then treated to the bands latest single release “15 to Life” a Rockabilly filled track that just knocks the crowd into another blinding frenzy of dancing, whether it be Punks, Teds, Skins, Phsychobilly or just music lovers, it has no matter, everyone is given the same respect by the Bombers musically.

“Sorrow & Pain” follows immediately after, and joined by the lead Guitar of The Astrotones (support Band) playing standard guitar in a slide guitar style was truly special, not a feat that many can achieve!

Song after song your taken on a journey of styles and genres that just blur into one almighty Rock n Roll Shake up!

With every song that follows, the heat is simply turned up further and further, the performance never falters under the heat of the Westgarth’s 2 Orange/Yellow spot lights – blood sweat and tears to coin a phrase. Every drop of energy they hold they give to you in spades during this pure heartfelt performance. 17 songs in total and leaves a yearning to see the band again, ASAP.

From Las Vegas and dropping their roots music Bombs with all the heart and soul it deserves, truly Great!

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