Track: Fehm – Eyes Full


Leeds based band Fehm have unleashed new track ‘Eyes Full’ from their EP ‘Animal Skin’ following on from the epic, ‘Hand To Mouth’

Fehm clearly have a love of 70’s goth punk, but that only fuels the songs with a dark brooding ferocity.
‘Eyes Full’ starts off with a razor sharp bassline that pins you to the wall whilst singer Paul Riddle shouts and spits venom over sinister synth’s.

Fehm’s live show transport’s you to a basement gig in an Berlin S&M club and this raw power translates well onto record, Animal Skin is already a contender for EP of the year, how can music that sounds like Siouxsie Sioux attacking Pete Murphy with a used dildo actually fail?

You’d be wise to get on board the Fehm bandwagon right now because they are clearly destined for greatness.


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