TRACK: Liam Mour’s ‘Ode To Youth’ weaves and Warps

AN ANALOGUE synth figure comes chattering in; it morphs and builds and flexes with echoey overtones. It’s joined by a haunting melodic figure, swathed in distance and haunting half-remembrance. The track breaks down into anthemic synth washes, and then a sweetly old-skool rhythm programme kicks in and knits it all together. 

Yum. So goes “Ode To Youth”, the single track available now on Soundcloud from upcoming techno-tronica producer Liam Mour. If you like 90s’ Warp – especially Amber-era Autechre and Polygon Window – then Liam may well tickle your tronica bone. 

Liam spent part of his childhood in the Tien-Shan mountain range in China. He started playing the piano at age of six and never looked back, diving deeper into the technical side of what was possible. A move to Berlin allowed his pursuit to flower: he’s toured with Gold Panda, supported Four Tet and works with Nils Frahm in a live setting. 

So what’s behind “Ode To Youth”? Liam explains: “As a child I had only a few material things that were important to me … these things had a special meaning. As long as they were in my possession, I was able to dream. 

To put myself back into that position I decided to limit my studio setup drastically. Taking only my absolute favourite synths, my best drum machine, a few effects; press record and start playing. 

If you got only a skateboard, but no skatepark, you’re starting to look around to see what you can make from what you have. A stair becomes a curb, a tree becomes a castle and fantasy becomes reality. That’s the spirit I’m missing these days and the reason why my first record is called ‘Ode To Youth’.”

Listen below to the lead track from the EP, also called Ode To Youth, which is due to drop in the next few weeks.

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