Premiere: André Uhl reveals new video for Maximum Success

Berlin based André Uhl has today revealed exclusively via Backseat Mafia the new video for his single ‘Maximum Success’, out on 25th June. It comes from his forthcoming album Relax and Implode, to be released on Berlin-based label Martin Hossbach on October 16th 2020.

Of the track and video, André told us “I’m thinking a lot about the idea of success, and what it actually means to me. I mean we live in a competitive world, success is everything, it’s all about improving, becoming faster, getting more stuff done. This feeling, the pressure and sometimes the anxiety as an accompaniment is reflected in the track. I recorded the first sound ideas in Philadelphia. I shot the video at the Philadelphia Penn Relays, the largest track and field competition in the US. I’m completely obsessed with track and field, culturally, visually, also with the philosophy behind this type of sport. To me, the scenes in the video are the perfect visual metaphor for the song.”

The track is this dark electro track, with understated bubbling stabbing synth lines built over a deep bass sound. It moves and changes tact as it goes, slowly morphing from one this to another, referencing everything from minimalism to Kraftwerk to Techno and Bass Music. But the reason it works so well is because its so skilfully layered, and built on glorious little melodic fragments.

The accompanying video marries the music to these ideas about competition and success perfectly. Check it out, here

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