Keep your head is the first single to be taken from Dead Meadow’s new album, The Nothing They Need, out on Xemu Records on March 30th 2018. O)f the new album, the bands Steve Killie says “I think there is a touch of apocalyptic vibes to the new album especially with the cover art that is being assembled. There is so much rhetoric and negative energy in the bigger picture of the world it is hard to not to have that show through in art. Though in the small world of people I know and we meet on tour, everyone is still just as optimistic, though it gets harder every day.. I think a lot of the album’s lyrics mirror that sentiment.”

Keep your head is a slow burner, this almost arid, desert-psych vibe (I know, I just made that up, but it seems to fit), with wobbly, fuzzy guitar lines sprawled over the drums, with these swathes of dreamy organ in the background. Over the top Jason Simon lays down the vibe, freeing this earworm melody into your conciousness.

Check it out, here