EP: Pam Risourié – So Be It Eternity

The Breakdown

Glittering indie shoegaze from french band Pam Risourié, out on the ever brilliant Shore Dive Records
Shore Dive Records 8.0

Out on Indie label Shore Dive Records (based in Brighton, England), is the second EP by the Paris based Dreampop/Blackgaze band, Pam Risourié. The EP is called ‘So Be It Eternity’ and is available through Shore Dive Records Bandcamp Page here

Opening with the gentle, softly first track, ‘Holding You As A New Past’, Pam Risourié meander and delve into a mellow, sonic-dreamland. Drifting forth are beautifully delicate vocal tones, complemented by clean and bright guitar arpeggios, reminiscent of Scottish Shoegaze band, Wozniak. 

A distant fuzzy-snarl and laid back bass and drums herald the second track which share the name of the EP. ‘So Be It Eternity’ has a rich and strong vocal melody which soars and echoes across the twisting & turning time-signatures of the music; think Math-Rockers Slint, crossed with Shoegazers Slowdive. A beautifully unhurried track, that has that sun-drenched darkness of 90s Alternative Rockers, Red House Painters.

Next comes ‘Dystopian Eyes’, a pulsating, percussive track, with a flavour of experimentation meets pop-tune. There’s a much darker, almost Gothic feel, especially with the vocals and guitar, but also a punkier sound, reminiscent of Art-Rockers, Sonic Youth, at odds with a warmer Indie-Jangle. British Indiepop band of yesteryear, Strangelove instantly come to mind. 

In direct contrast, ‘These Minds’ has a multi-voice and lightly scorching Lo-Fi guitar tone, which slowly swirls into an expansive Sub-Psychedelic Soundscape. With gliding and chiming guitars, this track  eddies and evolves. With smart stops and starts, luscious guitar solos, rich, probing bass and sophisticated drumming, this track is the most delicately multi-layered of all the tunes on this EP. The vocals mould themselves into the music-scape, creating an enchanting listening experience. This track ends with a wall of sweeping guitar. 

The final track on this EP is ‘The Cities in my Head’ which has a poppy bounce, similar to Indie band, Steteolab. There’s a forward flying motion, crammed with musical quirks and creative ideas, which push the EP to a glittering conclusion. 

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