Film Review: I Blame Society

I filmmaker planning a murder

Our evolution into the wonders of modern technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. With the ability to trace every moment, capture every nuance and reaction of every second of the day. To project our thoughts, ideas and experiences into the internet void, at the touch of a button. It’s fertile ground for any narcissist. Especially someone who wants to be a filmmaker. As is the case in I Blame Society.

Gillian (Gillian Wallace Horvat) is a struggling filmmaker desperate to be recognised by her peers for her undoubted brilliance. Provoked by a throwaway remark, this unshakable confidence manifests itself in a plan. This creative project is rather unique. She has decided to murder her best friend’s (Chase Williamson) obnoxious partner. A thought soon becomes an obsession, which despite the best attempts of her boyfriend (Keith Poulson) proves impossible to ignore.  

There’s no faulting I Blame Society’s dedication to its central theme. It’s a concept which could have easily gone badly wrong, but Horvat’s commitment to go all in produces a fascinating social satire. A scathing commentary on the misogynistic nature of the modern world and the culture and nature of art and creation. Whilst it won’t be for everyone, give I Blame Society a chance and you’ll uncover a clever and often humorous meta horror.  

I Blame Society is released on Digital by Blue Finch Film Releasing on 19 April.

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