Premiere: Liv’s Bandana reveals A New Path from forthcoming debut EP

Out on 16th April is Train Music, the debut EP from Birmingham / Norwich based Joe Webb under his Liv’s Bandana moniker, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere one of the tracks from the EP, A New Path, right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, Joe told us ”A New Path is the most brutally explicit breakup song the world could ever know! The verses are drenched in autotune to create this really cynical, impersonal feel inspired by Soundcloud rap and ’00s R&B. Then there’s spoken word passages that reflect how I’m feeling beneath the performance. It’s intentionally very artificial because everyone’s done a breakup song before, everyone’s felt this way before, and yet it still feels like I have something worth saying. I guess it’s deconstructing the modern breakup song, because it knows that it’s massively clichéd, and still really commits to it.

Drenched in this electro sheen, complete with chiming synths and scattered beats and clicks, A New Path has this melancholy about it that draws you in. Echoey shards of guitars and spoken word adds to the ambience, as the waves of melody and emotion splash against your ears.

Fall for it right here.

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