Live Review: Hannah Trigwell – The Cockpit, Leeds 18.01.2014

Photo Credit: David Cox

Coming to the end of her first UK Headlining tour, Hannah Trigwell’s penultimate show took place in her hometown of Leeds to great welcome and excitement. The atmosphere for a show on home territory was exactly as you’d expect it to be: a crowd that was filled with friends and fans, both encouraging her on with their own supportive brand of applause and cheer.

I’d been looking forward to this show for some time but nothing prepared me for how incredible it would be. Listening to the albums and EP’s that are already available, Hannah’s sound has been predominately acoustic and so it was great to hear her performing with a full band. More than that it was great to hear how several of her longstanding songs such as ‘Headrush’ and ‘Give it Up’ had been expertly translated to fully fleshed out songs (more so than before) to be performed with a full band. These new versions kept the integrity and meaning of the originals and at the same time made them sound new and energetic.

As for the performances, you could clearly see the passion and musical precision of everyone involved in bringing these songs to life. Hannah herself has a great stage presence, and even though she admitted to her nerves showing on occasion, it’s that honesty that only adds to a great performance. It’s something special when you can clearly see that someone center stage is truly grateful for her hometown show to be such a successful one.


After the news of a new release coming out this year, ‘Tightrope’ was the first song released (which also made for a great song to close the show) that we heard focusing on what Hannah is describing as her new musical direction. At the show we were treated to several new songs that will be featured on the upcoming release that sound nothing short of amazing. The new songs are packed with great rhythms, memorable hooks, catchy melodies, well written parts for each instrument and an overall feeling that gives us something new whilst keeping the quality and signature songwriting style that Hannah Trigwell has come to be known for.

Great things are on the cards for Hannah at this point and this hugely successful tour is the only the beginning of what will be a great year for her and the continuation of her music career. For all the success that has come before, it’s clear to see that Hannah is going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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