Track: DJ JM – No Days Off

No Days Off is the title track of Lithuanian producer Mantas Povilaika, aka DJ JM,’s forthcoming release, out on club label Nervous Horizon. He’s emerged from the London club scene, with Nervous Horizon label heads TSVI & Wallwork playing some of his early material at their debut London Boiler Room sessions in 2016.

From there JM has collaborated on a couple of TSVI’s releases ‘Sacred Drums’ (2016) and last years ‘Rambo’, as well as releasing a couple EP’s on NKC’s hard drum label Only the Strong.

The track is stripped back techno, but by no means missing the dancefloor. It pops and cracks with beats and pads that come in and out, sometimes morphing and bleeding in with others, sometimes heralding a change of direction or mood. Experimental but accessible, it flits from one idea to another, with this late 90’s euphoria always making its presence felt.

Check it out, here

‘No Days Off’ releases on June 21 on 12”/digital via Nervous Horizon.



1. DJ JM – No Days Off
2. DJ JM – Ray Mound
3. DJ JM – Mad Move ft. TSVI
4. DJ JM – Bar Bell
5. DJ JM – Original Taste

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