Track: Sydney trio The Duke of Randwick demand ‘Where You Gonna Go?’ in a raucous anthemic blast.

The Duke of Randwick are a Sydney trio whose exact musical genre is hard to define, but their new single ‘Where You Gonna Go?’ is a veritable blast of fuzzy jangle pop with an anthemic, melodic attack. There are certainly elements of a Britpop swagger but this is ameliorated by a harder, punchier attack that positively fizzes and sparks with an unrelenting energy.

The band says of the track:

Speaking to our mortality, and our search for meaning in this short life, it offers potential answers in our introspective understanding of ourselves.

Clocking under two minutes, it is a roller coaster thrill ride, raw and hyperactive with few adornments but a lot of attitude – think of The Las or Cast for that Liverpudlian flavour:

This track is not necessary the band’s definitive style – they self describe as creating EDM and hip-hop music – but is surely something that is thrilling and dynamic.

You can have a listen to their earlier work through the link below.

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