EP Review: Collapse Of Colour – For All The Days Decayed

The Breakdown

With 'For All The Days Decayed' the band have nailed their sound, giving us five tracks of some of the best metal put to tape.

Collapse Of Colour are Evan Jones – Vocals Jack Zelenka – Guitar/Vocals Daniel Exx – Bass Tom Wilson – Drums. The band have released their second EP ‘For All The Days Decayed’, 6 tracks of brutal vocals and pummelling music with a touch of the melodic.

The relentless ‘Drowning In My Sleep’ kicks the EP off and demonstrates the band’s ferocity that they cleverly combine with more melodic elements. The tonal differences between Jones and Zelenka work particularly well here with Jones laying down some killer growls before Zelenka soothes on the chorus. The peace is shattered by huge chords and torrential of vocal screams over stage destroying drums.

The thumping bass of bassist Exx dominates ‘The Serpent’s Isle’ as Wilson powers the track along. A beast of a track it hits those heavy lows so well and never lifts up the entire three minutes and twenty five seconds. It’s one of the heaviest tracks on the EP and one that’s full of infectious energy.

‘Every Death’ (feat. Danie Adalia) is Zelenka to shine with some slick fretboard work. Adalia adds a touch of sweetness as Jones delivers some of the best vocals on the EP. It’s a roaring track that shows off the band’s songwriting maturity and talent to go beyond a simple explosive metal track. There is so much going on this one will have many a repeated listen to give it justice.

‘Lost’ comes too close to soft as the band comes. The track sees Zelenka take the lead with the vocals as he brings more of a harder rock approach to his guitar playing. Jones adds a texture with his gruff backing vocals. Vocals that give a glorious outro over piano and drum rolls.

‘Forgive Me’ sees the band roll the EP into one track with the melodic vocals over the heavy punches from the guitars. The crafted wall of sound is very much part of the band’s style and something you notice when they strip things back with sparse guitar and jones pleading guttural vocals that descend into Zelenka’s sonic curtains as the track is brought to an epic finish.

The band have really nailed their sound down here thanks to Zelenka’s guitar playing. With Exx and Wilson bringing the heavy he is free to add some melodic touches and a barrage of sound. Of course having one of the best guttural singers in the business doesn’t hurt things.

Check out the track Forgive Me, below:

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