Track: Squid – Broadcaster

Following their galvanizing single Sludge, and the accompanying lockdown influenced video, Squid have unveiled next track Broadcaster. The track will sit alongside Sludge as a “10 vinyl release on new their new label Warp Records, currently available to pre-order here. In comparison to Sludge, although an incredible contrast, Broadcaster is also exceedingly complimentary to it; Squid exhibiting their effusive nature and knack for crafting a song’s seamless metamorphosis through its duration. The only difference being that this metamorphosis is carried out in Broadcaster in an even more gradual, satisfying fashion.

Squid do so by replacing their typically brash guitars with a slow burning, Kraftwerk-y, electronic intro. The mass of synths, bolstering but gentle guitars, and screeches builds spectacularly.  The diversity of vocalist Ollie’s style is even more present, starting from tentative murmurs to elongated, elastically strained screams. The organic nature of the lyrics (“tall grass”), opposed to the artificial, electronic sounds, brilliantly cements the inspiration and idea of Squid’s Ollie, having envisioned a world “between a dystopian and utopian vision” from an installation of “visual artist Naim June Paik”; prompting the musician to see the technologically, organically bridged world alluded to in the track: “TVs towering over me amongst forests.”

Listen here.  

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