Track: Symphonic death metal band Ephemerald releases their debut album in February – New single out now

Ephemerald are a Finnish symphonic death metal band and they are releasing their debut album on February 19th 2021. In preparation the band have shared a single – ‘All There Is’

The track opens as somewhat a surprise for a metal band. It fades in all menacing but becomes more alt-folk with acoustic guitars and a soothing baritone. As soon as you get into the track it changes and the metal arrives. High synths meet crashing cymbals, as the soothing baritone is joined by more voices creating a powerful wave that has been building through the entire track. This is an interesting glimpse of what this band will be bringing this year with their debut album. Different, but damn good.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

Pre order the album here or the bands Bandcamp

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