Track: James Williamson & Deniz Tek – Jet Pack Nightmare

Coming as the second tease of their upcoming album, following first single Stable, Jet Pack Nightmare issues a typically Williamson, rollicking riff. The duo is completed by renowned Australian punk pioneer Deniz Tek, most notably the founder of Radio Birdman. The sublimely rhythmic, rattling lead guitar is bolstered by the explosive drums throughout.

With it’s insane catchiness, Williamson and Tek agree that Jet Pack Nightmare is one of the stand-outs of the album. “Even though the lyrics lend themselves to a multitude of interpretations, the riff and music on ‘Jet Pack Nightmare’ were clear from the day I wrote them…this is one of my favorites out of many on the album.”, Williamson says of the track. Tek also praises the album’s first track as an equally fitting live opener, stating, “You want a knockout punch up front, hit ’em hard right out of the gate. ‘Jet Pack Nightmare’ does that, in spades.”

Two to One, the album the pair collaborated on is released September 18th, and is available on a selection of coloured vinyl variants, besides the usual formats. Pre-order here.

Listen to Jet Pack Nightmare here

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