Track: Mattia Cupelli reveals a dark ambient aesthetic with the eerie prayer call of ‘MONOLITH’

Mattia Cupelli

ROMAN composer Mattia Cupelli likes to play on the borders of modern classical, electronica, ambient and soundtrack elements, which has stood him in good stead over nearly a decade of composing scores for more than a dozen films.

He’s now embarking on a non-filmic exploration of dark ambient, with an album, RUINS, coming out in July; from which the track “MONOLITH” is a first offering.

And an eerie, many-layered, cyclical drone delight it is; swirling around what may or not be a deeply processed human voice in ululation or call to prayer, it gains rumble and hum and foreboding, the frequencies flooding.

He’s amassed more than 76 million plays over at YouTube for his gloriously dark work; he cites Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, and Ryuichi Sakamoto among his influences and inspirations.

“My music is about time, art and the human being between,” he says.

Mattia Cupelli’s RUINS will be released by MC Records on July 9th.

Connect with Mattia at his website; on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and on SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify.

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