Review: Prides – A Mind Like The Tide pt.1

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from synth-pop duo Prides, but, the first notes of their new EP are a glittering lifeline to the broken hearted, an invitation to share our stories and unite in our personal battles. Part 1 of A Mind Like The Tide is the long-awaited follow-up to the band’s debut album The Way Back Up, released 10th July 2015, and it puts Prides back in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The EP opens with ‘Every Story Of Mine Is A Story Of Yours’, its sparkly introduction pulsing through your head as Stewart’s vocals delicately pull it through. It sets the scene for what Prides is all about: glittering synth paired with words that instantly connect with you, giving you permission to dance with your heart on your sleeve, knowing that you’ll never dance alone.

‘You’re The Drug’ brings you back to more familiar pop territory, with its timid verses and high energy chorus. I can already see myself standing in the middle of a crowd, singing along to this track with all my strength. ‘Let’s Stay In Bed All Day’ follows a similar path, bringing back those anthemic, singalong choruses and cheeky attitude. The songs differ when you realise ‘You’re The Drug’ highlights dependency upon another person, whereas ‘Let’s Stay In Bed All Day’ follows a much more casual and comfortable theme.

This EP, along with Part Two (due to be released early next year) have been described as the “ebb and flow” of Prides, bringing together the duality that is already prevalent in their music. The profound and emotional lyrics are often sugar-coated with powerful melodies that are so full of life, allowing listeners to feel with their hearts and dance with their feet.

The track that stands out the most on this EP is ‘Sweet Time’, as it erases the glitter, leaving the emotions raw and close to the surface. It’s Callum’s grungy guitar work that set the tone for this one, along with Stewart’s heartfelt vocals as he sings forcefully: “Your finger on a loaded gun, you promised me you won’t be long.”

Similarly, ‘A Wilder Heart’ is a more pensieve offering, slowly building up the emotional charge as Stewart sings with increasing conviction: “well there’s only so much I can take / a wilder heart you’ll never tame.” The result is almost euphoric as the melodies compliment the increasingly loud drums, making it a monumental force to be reckoned with. It’s a song about wanting to love but being unable to; being afraid to commit and share your vulnerability with another person. Prides have captured those feelings perfectly, from the stubborn independence to the private anguish of feeling alone.

‘I Don’t Ever Want To Live Without You’ almost feels like the conclusion to ‘Every Story Of Mine’, returning to the sparkly melodies and echoing vocals. It’s a delicate track, almost an interlude, hiding the between the folds of party anthems and heartbroken ballads. It bridges the gap between the monstrous choruses of the previous track and prepares you for the final song, giving you a chance to pause for breath, collect your thoughts, and let it go.

‘I Know That I Can Change’ is an apology steeped in self-doubt, acknowledging how easy it is to let people down and the difficulties that come with reflection. Being open and honest with another person is challenging, but it’s even harder to be that with yourself. This song breaks down those barriers and opens up a conversation about a person’s behaviour, thoughts, and feelings; the vulnerability you feel in it is heartbreaking.

Prides are the band that you’ll just keep coming back to; the best friends you haven’t seen in months but you party together as though it were yesterday. A Mind Like The Tide pt.1 is a collection of songs that give you the permission to feel and the encouragement to dance, allowing you to keep your head above the waves long enough to see the sun break through the clouds.

Watch the video to ‘A Wilder Heart’ below:

29th November 2017 – LONDON – The Hospital Club (SOLD OUT)


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