Track: Bad Idea join the Come Play With Me Singles Club with a shoegaze gem in ‘Crash’

Bad Idea

IT’S always a really good idea to keep your ear to the ground with what’s happening at Leeds label Come Play With Me’s singles club; the Yorkshire label is one of those essential microscopes into a particular scene, keeping an eye on who’s getting hot in the city and its county hinterlands.

Please be upstanding today for the city’s shoegaze four-piece Bad Idea, who are the latest name admitted to that club; they’re due to drop their new single, “Crash”, on the label – and we’ve got it here for you right now. Tune in.

Bad Idea began life as a fuzzy, lo-fi two piece before exactly doubling in size with the addition of Liam and Charles and finding their voice in shoegaze; boy, “Crash” completely has it, harking back to the Cocteaus for sonic inspiration; and why wouldn’t you?

The track sees singer Sarah Sefton dreaming about suffering injury or illness as a way to take a break, step outside the grind and the toil. “Do you want this pain? Do you want it the same way?” she asks, as the guitars scour and rip-roar; and is that that rare animal, the bass chord, I hear being used with aplomb?

The band have already enjoyed support slots with no less than Miki Berenyi’s Piroshka and PINS; their debut EP, I Just Want To Go Home found itself a word-of-mouth across the American college radio circuit.

Singer Sarah says: “Crash is a sad song about exhaustion and anxiety, but also camaraderie.

“The track describes an anxiety that I share with most of my colleagues and friends – the idea of putting yourself in front of a slow-moving car or acquiring a minor injury of some sort to get out of your commitments, because you’re too tired and want to go home.

“The song mirrors this feeling in the music with slow, drifting and overlapping vocals and sudden hard choruses.”

You can join the Come Play With Me Singles Club, here. It’a an amazing organisation, offering a magazine, promoting events and paying especial attention to the pastoral needs of young musicians and those from marginalised communities. More power to their elbow.

Connect with Bad Idea elsewhere online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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