Exclusive: The Brothers Landau release At Home Session version of Haven’t Got A Name

We’ve featured indie-folk duo The Brothers Landau (aka David Landau on cello and vocals, and multi-instrumentalist, singer and guitarist brother Daniel) before, and were absolutely delighted when the brothers agreed to do an At Home Session version of the title track from their recent EP Haven’t Got A Name for us here at Backseat Mafia.

The EP stems from a personal crisis Daniel had which saw him considering giving up music altogether, waking up in a panic at its worst point questioning who he was and what he would be without it. As they explain “It seeks to help everyone examine their emotions if they are feeling overwhelmed and to take a step back to determine if they are focusing on the right things. What’s the reason why we’re here if not to solve problems, figure out life, and further the accomplishments of humanity” 

Essentially, it’s a deeply beautiful, affecting slice of folk-indie. Pour yourself a little happiness and listen here

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