Premiere: We Have An Exclusive Stream Of The Debut Album by Keeley – ‘Floating Above Everything Else’

Dave Hodgson

We are very excited here at Backseat Mafia to get an exclusive stream of the exceptional debut album by Keeley, fronted by singer, guitarist, songwriter and enigmatic Dubliner Keeley Moss, the day before it is released via Dimple Discs.

The record comes with a fascinating back story as all of the songs are about the same subject matter — the murder of German backpacker Inga-Maria Hauser in 1988 in Northern Ireland. Inga Maria was 18 years old and backpacking around Europe, she was due to get the train to Dublin from Belfast on April 6, 1988 but sometime between landing at Larne on the ferry from Scotland to trying to get the Belfast train she was abducted and driven to a forest and brutally murdered. Despite many leads pointing to the culprits, the case has never been solved. Keeley’s homemade video explores the ‘travel and loss’ narrative.  

The album showcases the breadth of Keeley’s songwriting, bristling with lush harmonies, muscular beats and inventive atmospherics, weaving gleefully between indie-rock sub-genres and further establishing Keeley Moss as one of Ireland’s most creative and visionary songwriters. 

From the glorious haze of ‘Seeing Everything’ to the riveting finale of ‘Shine A Light’, a blistering cover of Spiritualized’s 1992 epic, aided by mixes from veteran producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Placebo, The House Of Love), Keeley and producer Alan Maguire make sure each song is a confection, a box of musical chocolates stamped with a unique Irish swirl. 

Watch the video for track ‘Seeing Everything’, below:

Keeley’s involvement in this case since 2016 has been the subject of a BBC Northern Ireland Documentary “Murder In The Badlands” and a film about the case (featuring interviews and music by Keeley) is being produced for release sometime in the near future. 

Listen to the album stream, below:

Single Pre Save Link

Album Pre Save Link

Find out more via Keeley’s Website or Facebook

To celebrate the release of “Floating Above Everything Else” KEELEY will be playing a series of intimate shows, with further shows to be announced shortly; 

  • June 6 : St. Leonards-on-Sea @ The Piper
  • June 8 : London @ The Water Rats 
  • June 16 : Dublin @ The Workmans Club 
  • June 17 : Cork @ Crane Lane Theatre 

Floating Above Everything Else Tracklisting: 

  1. Seeing Everything
  2. Arrive Alive
  3. The Glitter And The Glue
  4. Floating Above Everything Else
  5. To A London Sunrise
  6. Echo Everywhere
  7. Forever’s Where You Are
  8. Never Here Always There 
  9. You Never Made It That Far
  10. Totally Entranced
  11. Shine A Light 
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