Premiere: Of Concrete Gods – Her Embrace

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We are very excited here at Backseat Mafia to be premiering Of Concrete Gods brand new single ‘Her Embrace’. The metal-tinged grunge band formed in 2018 in Luton and have garnered some seriously impressive reviews drawning comparison to Soundgarden, Faith No More, and Alice in Chains. The track is a riff-driven tale of toxicity and self discovery that takes song structure notes from the likes of Alice in Chains and ‘Load’ era Metallica.

About the track the band state:

“This is a track of different meanings, depending on the angle you come into it. On one side it is about a toxic relationship, and codependency. But from another angle it is about depression and how the changes in brain chemistry that can flip your wants and desires. Before the solo it is the story of a man who can’t or won’t take responsibility for his demons, and wants out. But after the solo he can’t let go and doesn’t want to be alone.”

The COVID pandemic, coupled with an illness in the band, forced a step back for a year or so. The band turned this setback into opportunity by spending the time writing and recording a more acoustic flavoured set of songs.

E.P. ‘Our Trauma is not a Competition’ highlighted their love affair with 90s unplugged grunge and was released over the summer of 2022. 2023 has seen them back in the studio at full strength, and a new fully electric E.P. ‘HurtPeopleHurtPeople’ is due in the summer to crank the volume back up.

A nerve rattling riff sets the scene thats driven by pounding drums, grinding bass and a deep menacing vocal that bring the shivers. A triumphant finish as the track morphs into a stadium ready classic with soaring vocals and cymbal heavy drumming.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Facebook

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