Live Review: The Wonder Years/Save Face – Academy 2, Manchester 13/11/22

Unfortunately due to a slight transport hiccup I only managed to catch the closing song from Leeds six piece band Beauty School so can’t comment too much on their set other than that the crowd were well positioned towards the front, eager to listen, and seemed to have enjoyed the set.

The next band to take stage is New Jersey native rock band, Save Face. Emerging in all red jumpsuits, the band open the set with Glitter, from their new album ‘Another Kill For The Highlight Reel’. With the set containing elements of a gothic vibe, it’s easy to see why the band have been compared to the likes of My Chemical Romance. The band is quite large (Tyler Povanda – Lead Vocals, Robbie Roe – Bass/Backing Vocals, Dan Sakumoto – Drums, Page Ragan – Guitar/Backing Vocals, Kent Soliday – Keys/Guitar/Backing Vocals) meaning it was quite hard to fit all of them on the stage especially with the frantic and chaotic nature that lead singer Tyler brings to the table. Throughout the set there’s barely a moment where he stands still whether that is him jumping up and down on stage or wandering over to the speakers to the side of the stage and singing on top of them.

Taking a mini break before going back to the set, Save Face take the time to stop and tell the crowd that Beauty School (the previous support) are letting them use their kit and that they love the band very much. After this, Save Face move onto the important topic of the night asking the crowd how excited they are to see The Wonder Years before mentioning that they toured with them for two months earlier this year.

Closing the night, Tyler ends the set saying “People who’ve heard us before did you like us? If you hated it I hope you never fucking forget it. See you motherfuckers next time we’re in Manchester”.



Sharpen Your Teeth

Bury Me (Tonight!)

The Funeral You’ve Been Asking For


A.M. Gothic

Another Kill For The Highlight Reel

Watch You Die Again


The Wonder Years are a 6-piece pop punk band from Pennsylvania maintaining a fairly consistent line up of Dan Campbell – Lead Vocals, Matt Brasch – Rhythm Guitar, Casey Cavaliere – Lead Guitar, Mike Kennedy – Drums, Josh Martin – Bass and Nick Steinborn Keyboards/Piano.

As the band enter stage, Campbell comes in last, standing in the centre with his back towards the audience before spinning around and going to his platform and performing ‘Low Tide’ from the recently released album ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’.

Opening the set with fast-paced songs the tempo changes when ‘Flowers Where Your Face Should Be’ plays with Campbell encouraging everyone in the room to put their torches on. 

Mid way through the set, Campbell pauses to tell the crowd of an experience he had in Kansas where he was listening to a replay of a press conference where it was made illegal to test drugs that could kill you with the government criminalising addiction and poverty so that they can protect wealthy people. After saying this, Campbell asked the audience to take a week to think about systems and who they serve and to encourage building new systems that are just. Quite a profound statement to make during the middle of a gig, but one the crowd drink in and listen to.

There’s a good balance in the set between new music and favourites such as ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’ and ‘Cardinals’ quite literally raise the roof! The Wonder Years have a dedicated fan base and it’s easy to see why – it’s a rapturous crowd and a constant sea of bodies surfing their way amongst the crowd!


Low Tide

Dismantling Summer

Local Man Ruins Everything

Old Friends Like Lost Teeth


Flowers Where Your Face Should Be

A Song for Ernest Hemmingway

Wyatt’s Song

There, There

Passing Through a Screen Door

Oldest Daughter

Pyramids of Salt

Summer Clothes

I Don’t Like Who I Was Then

Sister Cities

Raining in Kyoto

Lost It in the Lights

Don’t Let Me Cave In

Cigarettes & Saints


Came Out Swinging

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