Mongolian Folk Metal group Nine Treasures have shared their single ‘Three Years Old Warrior’, taken from their forthcoming ‘best of’ LP, ‘Awakening From Dukkha’, due 19th March.

Crushing chords overlaid with the higher sweeter sound of the traditional Mongolian Balalaika and the Morin Khuur instruments. The throat singing adds another exotic layer which simply fits into the mix perfectly. Throw in a beautifully arranged solo which balances new and traditional instruments and you have a track that will pique the interest of any music lover.

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1: Black Heart
2: Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor
3: Fable Of Mangas
4: Nomin Dalai
5: Tes River’s Hymn
6: Ten Years    
7: The Dream About Ancient City
8: Praise For Fine Horse
9: The End Of The World
10: Wisdom Eyes
11: The Stubborn
12: Three Years Old Warrior