2020 was, for want of better words, a real piece of work. Despite everything though, musically there were a few bright spots – one of which in his writer’s humble opinion being the release of French noise-rock trio Chaos E.T. Sexuals album Only Human Crust.

The doomy, gritty music that Chaos, E.T. and Sexual committed to vinyl at times helped to articulate just how unpleasant things were getting. It was cathartic listening and at times incredibly pointed.

Despite the album being released in November, the group have only recently put out a video for one of the album’s more harrowing tracks, “Tomorrow Prudence.”

Created by Hélène Hingant, the director has sculpted together a washed-out, black and white music video that perfectly encompasses visually what the band accomplish with the track sonically – a slow-burning, baneful work that builds up from the ominous undertow of the album to the malevolent, crushing finale.

Only Human Crust‘s release may have felt slept on, especially with everything else that was taking place at the tail end of 2020, but Chaos E.T. Sexual’s album is worth going back and visiting.

It’s incredibly well paced and for something that combined noise with experimental moments, is actually quite accessible for those more into the post-punk movement.

Only Human Crust is out now through Chien Noir Records.

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