New Music: Perth synth duo Greyjoy release new single, Strangers

Why is it children’s body clock isn’t in synch with their parents. They do take significant bits of our DNA, right? So just when I really want to lie in, my four-year old son wants to watch Spiderman, asks me if ghosts are real, sings one…two…three, four, five – once I caught a fish alive, and asks me, repeatedly, if it’s time for breakfast. All after getting into bed with me. And all well before seven o’clock.

Still, this early morning has been made a lot nicer by the discovery of Australia‘s Greyjoy. The Perth duo, Karlin Courtney and Matt Crockett make this blurry synth-pop, with a sunshine feel to it. New from the band is the upcoming Greyjoy EP, coming out on July 23rd, and from it, the band are premiering ‘Strangers’. It’s the third single from the ep, following on from Idle Thought and Distance, which had blogs and music journalists salivating.

I think the tracks charm is in the blurred meaning of the lyrics (all I know is I’m so lost), with layers of synth laid over the top of this bubbling, gurgling bassline. It unravels in the chorus, into this gorgeous warm, summery pop song. It’s like a wash of electro, lapping against your ears as you lie back in the sun.

Even at 7am in the morning.

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