Premiere: The Froot ’67 – Chaos Theory

Harking back to a time when the world was preparing to tune in and drop out, Froot ’67 – ‘Chaos Theory’ is an unabashed psych infused rock trip down nostalgia way. Tinged with influences form Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and The Doors, bass player and vocalist Stevie explains the theory behind the song – “Chaos Theory is a number that explains the importance and inevitability of chaos, and how the present moments determine the unpredictable future. The song progresses in a very obscure way, and dwells within the genre of a Sinister Psychedelia. Some may find it a little strange, but for us, we couldn’t think of a more normal way of addressing the fact that chaos is all that life has ever been, and ever will be.

‘CHAOS THEORY’ is taken from The Froot’67 EP – ‘YOUR TRIP BEGINS NOW’ available from Warren Records now
THE FROOT ‘67 are:
Louie Donaghue (Vocals/Guitar), Stevie Newby (Vocals/Bass), Zach Penrose (Guitar) & Jack Newton (Drums)

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