Premiere: See the new video from Stella Research Committee, for ‘Hanging In My Screamer’

Taken from their forthcoming album ‘A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness’, we’re delighted to premiere the new video from Cincinnati noise band Stella Research Committee for their new single ‘Hanging In Mt Screamer’.

Making up the noise-rock / no-wave scene with the likes of Hissing Tiles, Fruit LoOops and Daumier, Stella Research Committee mix up noise, experimental, alongside elements of art-rock/post-punk, and almost industrial like electronic music.

Of the forthcoming album, Kevin Hall from the band told us “Aimless driving is the panacea for a cluttered mind. I think with this album in general we wanted to make something that you can CRUISE to. You drive around on the weekend to derail the FOMO, until you remember you’re wasting your own time. Only then do you truly feel momentary relief by reminding yourself of the finite nature of life: It’s time to go to work, gotta get to work. Everything else is trash.” 

Hanging In My Screamer is a case in point. It veers everywhere, with slashing, biting, angular chords and guitar lines throwing shards of sound over electronic hue, and anxiety driven synths. Drums flare across beats and bard giving things an unsettling, ominous feeling as the vocals screech and shout and destroy order in your ears.

Difficult yet engaging, frightening yet thrilling, confusing yet impossible to ignore, this is cutting edge music right now. Check out the similarly brilliant and experimental video, here

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