Say Psych: Album Review – Wicked Sun by Narco States

Narco States are one of those bands who, on the surface, sound like many others who you could safely file under ‘garage’. There are the MC5/ Stooges wails and lo-fi drums, and thrumming bass. There is the sort of wailing organ swirling in and out of the mix which is redolent of any number of sixties bands, and a surf rock guitar that’s launched many a new wave . But, and this is why I love music so much, there is some sort of alchemy going on with this band that makes their vibe sound fresh and vivid. From the first bar this is a fantastic album, that I have been listening to over and over again, there is something special going on for me here, and I will definitely be wanting to get the vinyl.

Narco States band

Narco States are a five piece from  comprising:

Michael Meyer – Vocals and guitar/ Nathan McGuire – Lead and acoustic guitars/ Aaron Robertson – Organ/ Nick Sampson – Bass/ Justin DeRusha – Drums and percussion

…and have been around since 2012. To say that it is a full on album is something of an understatement with the first four tracks (Lost In Time/ Mass Exodus/ The Architect/ Invasion), which I assume comprise the first side of the vinyl, being the sort in your face dirty rock outs that are not so much garage but down in the oily inspection pit. So far so good and I wouldn’t have minded if the rest of the album had been like that.

With the next track ‘Jekyll meet Hyde’ things get decidedly more sinister and psychedelic. The music is more nuanced and other worldly, as it is with the next track ‘Amputated’ which has some wonderful keyboard work from Aaron Robertson and really has a momentum to it that makes me want to see this band live. ‘End of the World’ is essentially a blues number which is mixed will with Michael Meyer’s vocals to create a much more complex track. Finish off the album, the title track is almost a lush affair with some Jagger-like plaintiff vocals, sharp guitar solo and a funereal organ…its a fitting send-off for a great album.

Wicked Sun is out now on Piñata Records.

Track Listing:

    1. Lost In Time
    2. Mass Exodus
    3. The Architect
    4. Invasion
    5. Jekyll Meet Hyde
    6. Amputated
    7. End of the World
    8. Wicked Sun

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