TRACK: Crawford Mack – ‘A Love I Can’t Live Up To’

CRAWFORD MACK is back with a new single, “A Love I Can’t Live Up To”, following his brace of recent single releases, “Depends On Where You Stand’ and “Firing Squad”

Again mixing his influences across the musical spectrum from jazz to pristine pop to classical, he’s once more crafted a song which is both effortlessly melodic, memorable and hopelessly romantic.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, he said: “I was set a challenge by Sir Ray Davies to write a song where the bridge would hold the main meaning of the song, and to use musical materials I hadn’t found a place for yet.

“The song draws on different moments in my life … it started out as a reflection of carrying feelings of inadequacy from some early relationships, and eventually evolved into a reflection of how they affected my actions, getting older.” 

Both confessional and open to interpretation, he’s finding the knack to craft a showstopping tune of love that affects us all.

Along with the previous singles, it’ll feature on his debut album, Bread And Circuses, which is set for release on October 14th.

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