Say Psych: News: The Warlocks announce European Tour

The Warlocks - Euro Tour

The Warlocks have become known as psychedelic legends in their own right, after having formed in Los Angeles in 1998. There have been many changes in personnel since then, with guitarist/singer Bobby Hecksher the only constant member.

With six studio albums under their belt, they set out on a 22 date European tour spanning six countries to tour latest release Songs From the Pale Eclipse, which was released on Cleopatra Records in October 2016.

Of particular interest is their show in Manchester which is being presented by Strange Days. Billed as ‘A special Friday night late show’ at The White Hotel, also on the bill are Black Market Karma, Baba Naga, Is Bliss and Panzer Chocolate – a better line up for anyone of a psych persuasion you will not find. We’ll be there to cover it, and you should be too.

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