Wild Ones – Golden Twin

Love it !

Although this is beginning to disturb me. The hit ratio for music coming out of Portland, Oregon is ludicrous. I was just reading about the latest developments for Just Lions and saw that they had made it onto the PDX Pop Now ! compilation of local artists. So I figured that I might just dip in and see what else was going down. Second song out (I won’t reveal the name of the act that failed to tickle me) and I land on this gem. Amazing !

“Remember Saturdays when we were young ?”

Shifting, skittering synthesisers, ooh-ing backing vocals, a lovely tune (and a voice I could listen to a whole lot more of), a nice little surprise package of crunchy guitar in the middle and a great tinkling piano hook under the chorus. And an eye-catching, teasing video to top it all off. The only thing that might have made it better is handclaps. Why aren’t there more handclaps in the world ? It’s beautiful out there right now, at your barbecue, at the bar, in the car, on the beach, in the park, wherever – play this and luxuriate in yet more sparkling sunny radiance. (Plus they have album out so you should go and buy that, too)



Don’t forget the wonderment that Portland already brought us from Just Lions and Altadore and Foreign Talks:


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