News: Lucifer Star Machine launch ”Psychic Vampires” single and music video.

To release fifth studio album ‘Satanic Age’ on April 14, 2023

Stream the single:

Watch the music video:

”Psychic Vampires” is the third single leading up to Lucifer Star Machine’s fifth studio album ”Satanic Age”. Featuring guest vocals by Mark ”Sparky” Phillips of Demented Are Go, ”Psychic Vampires” is released together with a music video.

Lucifer Star Machine comments: “Toxic relationships and narcissistic behaviour are poison for our well being. Watch out for people gaining your trust so they can wear you down and suck out all your energy. Keep psychic vampires out of your life.”

Photo Credit: by Andrea Härle

”Psychic Vampires” is out now on all streaming platforms. The album ”Satanic Age” will be released on The Sign Records on the 14th of April, 2023, and will be available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms. 
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