EP: Scarred By Truth – Blind My Eyes

North East musical collective Scarred By Truth have shared their debut EP ‘Blind My Eyes’. The EP raises awareness of control and manipulation in society, censorship in the media and the fight against homelessness in the world today.

An ominous bringing on the opening title track. There is no missing the crushing rip saw guitars and clattering drums, and there is certainly no missing the evil tinged vocals that grab hold on the shout of “I Hate You!”. The song then rips through its 5 minutes length adding head banging interludes and a guitar solo which could do with sitting a bit higher in the mix for a fan of all things guitar.

With its brutal riff and heavy drumming next track ‘Scarred’ is a groove metal with a huge chorus that builds and builds with some fancy lead work. A nod to the singer who gives his best performance on this track. The grinding heavy groove doesn’t stop and ‘The Plight’ may be the heaviest song on this EP. The doom filled riffs sound like they are being dragged across the ground. A slow and menacing beginning, the track shows signs of life on the chorus where it picks up speed

‘666’ gives the EP some breathing space with its slower verses and chord heavy opening. The track has an epic feel with a solo that does the track justice with its ferocity. The whole track is a sludge laden metal mashup.

The EP comes to a thunderous close with Fractured Planets ‘The End Is Nigh’ a brutal headbanger of a track. The seriously heavy rhythm section with scorching solos with the band doing what they do best.

With a great set of songs Scarred By Truth have shared a good section of their writing talent all whilst keeping it in the metal spectrum and keeping it heavy with every note. This is a band of metal fans creating music that they want to hear.

Check the bands track Scarred, below:

Find out more about Scarred By Truth here

Purchase the EP here

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